Family’s experience of our service

We have worked with more than 45,000 families living throughout the UK and abroad to find suitable care homes for elderly people.

We value their views of our service highly and this section provides a valuable insight into the experience of choosing and managing care for a loved one.

Finding a care home

Kath and Sue

“Words cannot express how much you helped me manage sorting out a nursing home. I felt so supported when trying to also deal with, what felt like, the bureaucracy of the hospital.”

Janet and Marion

“I hope more people find out about the Carehome Selection service because it was a light at the end of the tunnel to finally find someone who was able to explain everything, sort things out and provide much needed support.”

Harry and Irene

“The hardest thing was explaining it to Harry and finding somewhere which would be right for him. Our adviser Etain was really wonderful. She explained everything so well and understood what Harry needed.”

Arthur and Jean

“Our adviser Glenis knew all about the different homes in our area. It was really valuable having Glenis with us to ask questions and double check that everything was right.”

Sally and Kit

“My adviser Marion Tunbridge was an absolute angel ' I don't know what I would have done without her. We had little time, but I didn't want to rush Kit into a home where she would be unhappy.”

Clive Field

“The support I received from my adviser was very practical – I knew that I could get good advice from her quickly, whenever I needed it. I knew she would call me back every time and that she was working away behind the scenes, sourcing information, answering my questions.”

Ann and Abdu

“Thank you, Gail, my adviser, for a most fantastically productive afternoon on Monday.' Before we talked on the phone, the problem'of Abdu's care seemed impossible. After your advice and our visits together, it now all feels eminently doable.”

Respite care

Michele and Annemarie

“Lynda and Jenny, the advisers from the Carehome Selection service, were really lovely and understood I felt worried about the idea of mum going away. They suggested starting with one week and see how that goes.”

Self-directed care

Khairun and Osman

“Caring for someone with complex medical needs is hard but with CHS, you have back-up ' without them, I wouldn't know where to begin when there is a problem or I need an answer. I'm very grateful for their support ' it makes a big difference.”

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