I need help with an existing package of care at home

Your loved one may already have support in place in their own home. This may include help with tasks such as washing and dressing and may include nursing care also. Perhaps your loved one’s needs are changing, you feel they may need more support and would like professional advice on what is required. You might be unhappy about the services provided, such as carers arriving later than scheduled and spending too little time with your relative. You may wish to explore specialist options such as live-in care or the many different companionship services available.

Experience and knowledge

We have been working in the care section for 20 years: we know the quality providers and how to organise the right package of care to meet individual needs. We know the providers who offer specialist services such as live-in care and a wide range of companionship based activities. Because we are in daily contact with the care agencies, we know where the resources and capacity are in your area, saving you what can be a long ring-around to find care.

Advocacy and support for people funding their own care

We specialise in helping people paying for their own care. People who qualify for social services funding for a package of home care benefit from ongoing support from the social services team providing the money for that care. Self-funders however do not have the same ongoing support and it can be particularly difficult if you experience problems with the agency providing care. Many families feel unsure how to raise issues with agencies themselves, rather than through a professional advocate.

What we can do for you

Problems with an existing care package

We have been working in the health and social care field for 20 years, so have a long track record of effective partnerships with hospitals, care agencies and care homes. As a respected, independent service, we are frequently able to address problems with an existing agency. If we feel your relative’s needs would be better served by a different agency, we can make all the necessary arrangements and ensure there is no disruption to your loved one’s care.

Expanding an existing care package

If your relative is self-funding, you can build a package of care exactly as you wish. There are some excellent companionship based services now available, with specialists trained to support your loved one to continue the activities they enjoy. This might involve visiting them and playing bridge or taking them to groups they like to attend. We can help you to find out about the growing variety of services available to meet the social needs and preferences.

The option of live-in care

Specialist options such as live-in care are becoming more popular. If your relative lives in a rural area, there may be problems with capacity, as there may not be enough carers particularly if there is a lot of travel required. Live-in care is an option which may be considered and costs are comparable with those of a care home, with the benefit that your relative can remain in their own home.

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