About us

GP Dr Richard Newland founded our service in 1995, recognising that there was little support or help available for families who needed to choose a care home. They would ask him, as a family doctor, for advice because they were struggling to find the right care and wanted professional support.

Dr Newland developed a new service, based on advisers working closely with families, helping them with every step in the process of finding the right care. The value of this service was quickly recognised by the NHS and today we work for 38 hospitals and clinical commissioning groups. Increasingly, we help people to arrange care in their own home, with many services available to enable elderly people to do so safely.

Dr Newland continues to lead our company as chief executive.

“Back in 1995, the challenge was the lack of information about care homes. Today, with the internet, the opposite is the case – there is so much information that families often feel overwhelmed. What we offer is a professional adviser who has worked with many, many care providers and families; they know the details that matter. They help families to focus on what is required to meet their needs, provide the professional assurance they value and go step-by-step through this extremely important process.”

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