I need help arranging care at home

You or your loved one may be living at home but struggling to cope with tasks like washing, dressing and mealtimes. They may be in hospital and need some additional care and support in order to safely return home. You may be looking for respite care to ensure your relative has care and support while family members have a holiday. How do you arrange this and how can you be assured services are of high quality?

Experience and knowledge

We have been working in the care section for 20 years: we know the quality providers and how to organise the right package of care to meet individual needs. We know the providers who offer specialist services such as live-in care and a wide range of companionship based activities. Because we are in daily contact with the care agencies, we know where the resources and capacity are in your area, saving you what can be a long ring-around to find care.

Support for people funding their own care

We specialise in helping people paying for their own care, who can feel unsupported because they don’t qualify for social services funding. As a self-funder, you are free to build a package of care to exactly reflect individual needs and preferences; to consider the social activities and hobbies, as well as basic health and care needs. But it is challenging knowing what services are available and how to organise a care package, especially as most people have no previous experience of doing so.

Ongoing support and quality assurance

Once we have advised you and helped to arrange a package of care, the support we offer does not end. We will call you (once a week, once a month?) to find out how you or your relative are finding the care package. If problems arise, we will speak to your care provider to address your concerns. This is particularly important for people funding their own care, who would otherwise not have an independent advocate to support them. Having an independent advocate is helpful because families can feel unsure of how to raise issues with the agency providing care. We can do this for you and have a long track record of working effectively with agencies to monitor quality and achieve the best outcomes.

Your personal care adviser

You will have the same adviser from your first contact with our service. This means they will understand your needs and preferences and will always be available to help, whether this is managing problems or if care needs change over time, organising care to meet those changing needs.

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