I need help choosing a care home

Your loved one may be living at home but you are concerned that they aren’t managing well. They may be in hospital and you have been advised that they are not able to safely return to their own home. You and other family members may not live in the same area as your relative, so it may not be easy to view care homes and make all the necessary arrangements.

Experience and knowledge

Most people have no prior experience of choosing a care home and when they have to do so, feel unprepared for making such an important decision. Supporting people with this choice is the core service we have been providing for twenty years: we know exactly what services are available, we can guide to services that meet your relative’s needs and match their personal preferences. We can help with all the arrangements including transport and accompanying you on care home visits if you wish.

Support for people funding their own care

We specialise in helping people paying for their own care, who can feel unsupported because they don’t receive the support which traditionally comes with social services funding. We can help and advise you about all the financial arrangements and regulations, including benefits and allowances that self-funders are entitled to but are often unaware of.   

How our service works

  • Our service is completely free. You will not be charged at any stage for the advice and support we provide
  • You will be allocated your personal care and support adviser
  • Your adviser will contact you to discuss your relative’s care needs, personal preferences and circumstances
  • With this information, your adviser can develop a shortlist of care homes that best meet your relative’s individual needs and preferences
  • This avoids you spending time looking at care homes which may not suit your relative’s needs or may not have vacancies
  • Our advisers work flexibly, so are available to speak to you during evenings and weekends
  • Advisers often provide valuable research and support: finding Care Quality Commission reports and liaising with care home managers
  • If you would like to be accompanied on a care home visit, our advisers can ask additional questions and provide you with an independent view

Our service is funded in this way: we receive a small percentage of the first year’s fees to care home. This percentage is set at the same level for all, to ensure our service is fully independent and impartial.

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