Khairun and Osman

Khairun Reheman’s father Osman suffered from hydrocephalus, a condition which causes fluid to build up in the brain, leading to mobility and memory problems.

Mrs Reheman describes how CHS arranged her father’s package of care when he was ready to leave hospital and continue to provide vital support.

“My father had been in hospital for three months. He had a shunt fitted to help treat the hydrocephalus, but he seemed to go downhill very quickly, from being able to walk normally to needing a stick, then becoming immobile and no longer being able to eat normal food.

“While dad was in hospital, we were given the option of him going into a care home. We didn’t want that ‘ we knew, no matter how good the care home was, that dad would want to be in his own home. We also knew, because of his medical needs, that it wasn’t going to be easy.

“We were put in contact with Pauline from CHS and she organised all the support we needed to care for dad at home. There is a carer with mum and dad every day and because dad is now immobile, we need two carers when dad needs personal care for doing things like lifting. My brothers and I are all very closely involved too but we know that without the support, it would be impossible to manage.

“We have had some problems with the care agency, mainly when two carers are needed, only one would turn up. If I spoke to the agency, it didn’t seem to make much difference but when I told Pauline at CHS, she would always solve the problem straight away.

“CHS have also been good if I have other issues or questions. For example, if I need to order a part to go with the equipment dad needs, I will call Pauline and she always finds out who I need to contact.

“Caring for someone with complex medical needs is hard but with CHS, you have back-up ‘ without them, I wouldn’t know where to begin when there is a problem or I need an answer. I’m very grateful for their support ‘ it makes a big difference.”

C BARKER 12:36 pm