Harry and Irene

Harry is “150 per cent better” in the “perfect care home” thanks to support from Carehome Selection

Irene Dawes felt overwhelmed as she faced the emotional decision of finding a home for her husband Harry. Harry, aged 77, has a neurological condition which causes the degeneration of the nerves in his body.

Irene was no longer able to look after her husband at home and needed to find a suitable care home. The great-grandfather from Birmingham was in hospital and had lost the use of his legs and hands.

“It was a very emotional time,” said Irene. “The hardest thing was explaining it to Harry and finding somewhere which would be right for him.”

Social workers at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital contacted Etain O’Shea, Carehome Selection adviser who has worked for the service for 11 years.

Etain, guided by the social workers’ assessment of his needs and taking Harry and Irene’s wishes into consideration, recommended three suitable care homes.

“Etain was really wonderful,” said Irene. “She explained everything so well and understood what Harry needed.

“The first home Etain showed us was Havencroft in Hopwood, Birmingham. We knew it would be perfect for Harry. He has settled in very happily.”

Harry’s room looks over peaceful woodland and he enjoys regular trips out and being supported by friendly, welcoming staff.

He said: “Being in hospital was like being in another world. I feel 150 per cent better now.”

Etain is one of Carehome Selection’s longest serving advisers. “My role is to provide emotional support for the family and problem solve – ensure we find the right home for them.

“There are a lot of emotions flying around. We can take the pressure off the family and although it can be a difficult time, the end result is a happy one.

“I love my job. It is nice knowing every morning when you get up that you want to go to work and your work really makes a difference in people’s lives.”

C BARKER 12:32 pm