Arthur and Jean

Arthur Moulton’s wife Jean was in hospital following a massive stroke. The 75-year-old from Leicester was told that sadly, Jean would not be well enough to return to their home.

“The hospital and social workers suggested I should speak to Carehome Selection,” said Arthur.

“I knew straight away that we were in good hands. The Carehome Selection adviser Glenis Maskery knew all about the different homes in our area and what sort of services they offered.

“My worry was that we might not be able to find a home close to where I live. But Glenis told me there was a home just five minutes away.

“Glenis spent a lot of time talking to me and finding out about the type of home which would suit Jean.”

Mr Moulton chose Berrystead Nursing Home in Leicester.

“I liked Berrystead immediately and it was really valuable having Glenis with me to ask questions and double check that everything was right.

“Since Jean moved in last June, we have never looked back. While she was in hospital, my wife was unable to eat solid food.

“The staff at Berrystead were really caring and enthusiastic about helping her to eat normal food and feed herself. They were so pleased about the progress she made and that made a big difference. Also, my wife is a strong person who has the will to get better.

“She is now eating normal food really well and is really comfortable. I visit my wife every day and when I go home, I know she is in good hands.”

Glenis is a former mental health nurse who has worked for Carehome Selection since 2001.

“When we first make contact with people, they are often traumatised,” explains Glenis. “They are distressed about their relative going into a home and perhaps worried about the financial side too.

“We take the time to understand their needs and the sort of home which would suit their relative. With the right support and information, they will then be able to make the right choice for their relative.”

C BARKER 12:33 pm