Ann and Abdu

Carehome Selection advisers work with families across the UK and are even experienced in helping people resident abroad, who need to arrange care for a relative in the UK. Ann, a UK resident living in Istanbul, describes her experience of help from Carehome Selection.

“I got back to Istanbul last night, feeling that a huge burden had fallen from my shoulders. My colleagues here greeted me after a week away saying ‘You look great!’ It’s funny how big problems tend to show on your face and in your posture.

“Thank you, Gail, my Carehome Selection adviser, for a most fantastically productive afternoon on Monday.’ Before we talked on the phone, the problem’of Abdu’s care seemed impossible. After your advice and our visits together, it now all feels eminently doable. I think Monday afternoon with you has to count as one of the most productive times I’ve ever spent- in terms of moving towards solutions to a major problem.

“You were fantastic – you immediately seemed to understand my position and the difficulties I faced and that sorting out Abdu’s care is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. You worked with me on a series of options – which we then prioritised in terms of first, second choice etc. It was an absolutely fabulous approach.

“I owe you bucketloads of thanks, and will recommend Carehome Select to anybody – without reservation.”

C BARKER 12:35 pm